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Sue BissFederation Chairman

We are delighted to welcome Upton Girls WI, based in Ashey, Ryde, into the Federation. The WI will show them how great it is to be a member, with fun, friendship and education at the centre of all we do.

Although, as an island, we are a relatively small county, we are thrilled that we can pack in 36 WIs. Each one offers a slightly different option for membership, as well as meeting at varied days and times, and, as the new Federation Chairman this year, I hope to continue the good work on the island of making the WI just what everyone wants it to be for them.

Our office, WI House, 42 Carisbrooke Road, Newport, is currently manned completely by volunteers, and with a smaller membership base we are open on a part-time basis.

Opening hours are: - Tuesdays 9.30am - 4.00pm

Members and visitors are always welcome.

At all other times you may leave us a message (either by phone or email) and we will return to you as soon as we can.

We have been very proud of our County level association with Bestival, offering a very successful tea tent, and this mantle has now passed to the Royal County Show where our teas seem to be as equally popular. Individual WIs have excellent relationships with local events and we are keen to support our communities wherever possible if it fits with our objectives as a Charity.

If you are looking to join a local WI, please call us to chat through which WIs are nearest to you, and we will be delighted to help. Or if you are visiting the Isle of Wight, our members would be delighted for you to visit them.

Sue Biss,  Federation Chairman

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The first two WIs were both formed on the same day in May 1919 and both celebrated their 90th birthday in 2009. They were Ningwood & Shalfleet and Wootton Bridge, but unfortunately Wootton Bridge has since suspended.